About Us



Prospective Stakeholder,

Thanks you for your interest in H&W Enterprises.

We are a Limited Liability Company that has a diverse background in the areas of human services, information technology, and other areas within the realm of contract management.

Since, our beginning, it has been my goal to build a strong and vibrant organization that effectively and efficiently meets our stakeholders’ needs with service excellence. I am pleased to say that not only is H&W meeting this goal, but we are also exceeding it, by forging new territory with each passing year. Therefore, it has become our mission to be a comprehensive service provider that is capable of meeting the needs of a more global community.

Our growth and development is largely due to the experienced and committed service professionals we employ. The education, depth and breathe of knowledge in their respective fields allow our agency to continually evolve. This growth has given way to a comprehensive service portfolio that makes our agency capable of addressing needs on individual as well as corporate service levels.

I invite you to take this opportunity to explore our website for additional information about H&W Enterprises. Perhaps you will find that we may be of assistance to you.

After all, our charge is to meet the needs of our global community!

Jonathan Haggler
CEO & Director, H&W Enterprises

It is the mission of H&W Enterprises to provide expert level professional services to each of our clients that not only administers to their fundamental needs, but also adheres to industry-specific regulations and guidelines.  By offering a diverse portfolio of professional services, H&W is uniquely poised to accommodate needs that span from areas of related to mental health and substance abuse to information and technology service and so much more.  We are focused on providing our customers with the most timely and cost-conscious support services within both our Technology Solutions Division and our Behavioral Health Division.

With each passing year, H&W Enterprises has established itself as a leading service provider in both North Carolina and Virginia markets.  It is our vision to become a comprehensive professional services leader in additional markets throughout the United States.  Through our commitment to service excellence, quality and integrity, we are reaching our goals-one client at a time.

We at H&W Enterprises believe that leadership is best demonstrated through service excellence.  It is our mandate to respect the needs of each of our stakeholders.  We seek to approach and maintain all relationships from a position of integrity, and our success will be measured through our growth and development.

H&W employs a diverse staff of experienced industry professionals that include but are not limited to Nurses, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Technical Engineers, Project Managers and other Specialists.

To learn more about H&W Enterprises take a look at our company profile.